Last update: august 5th 2022

Ti99Dir - TI99 filemanager for Windows

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Ti99Dir is a Windows program to browse through TI-99/4A files (v9t9 format), Archive files (v9t9 format and created with Barry Boones archiver), .DSK files (v9t9 and PC99*) or .IMG files (HFDC, SCSI or IDE) on a PC. Since version 4.2a it is also possible to view monocolor and multicolor TI-Artist files and to view GIF files with an external viewer (like Irfanview). Since version 5.1a Ti99dir is equiped with a double browse window and supports Cf7a+ cards and Cf7a+ card images. Since Version 5.2b it is possible to view MyArt pictures.

With version 8.1a it is possible to create IDE and SCSI hard disk images and to write files to these images. This option is using the Ti99HdImg32.dll which contains the IDE DSR converted from TMS9900 assembly language to C code.

Also a new menu option is added which makes it possible to convert text files to TI Basic and or Extended Basic program files in the TIFILES format using the LibXBTKN32.dll written by Stefan Bauch author of TiCodEd.

With version 8.2a it is possible to convert tabs to spaces (1-20) if a PC file is converted to a TI file. Reserved space for FDR's at the beginning of a DSK image now depends on the disk size; up to 720 sectors this number is 34, up to 1440 is 50, up to 2880 is 66, up to 3202 is 256 otherwise 512 sectors.

When opening a TI99 file in one of the 16 viewer windows the content of the file is checked by TI99Dir. If it is a data file it will by displayed in ASCII, if it is a TI Basic or Extended Basic program file the program is displayed, it it is a MyArt or TI Artist file the picture is displayed, if it is a character definition file the characters are displayed. In all other cases the file is displayed in a hexadecimal form. If a viewer window contains text it is possible to print the complete or a selection of the text to your (PDF) printer.

Ti99Dir version 8.2b bugfix: When renaming a TI-file on a DSK, CF7DSK or HD image then all characters are allowed, except the '.' or ' ' (dot or space) characters.

Ti99Dir version 8.2c bugfix: Problem fixed with padding spaces when renaming a TI-file on a DSK, CF7DSK or HD image.

Ti99Dir version 8.3a bugfix: Problem fixed with showing files larger then 60kb.padding spaces when renaming a TI-file Added: Options to preserve/keep the case of a file name when converting file from a PC file to a TI file.
Fixed: hdimg.cpp, dialogs.cpp, misc.cpp:: When renaming TI files lowercase characters are also accepted.
Fixed: hdimg.cpp, dialogs.cpp, misc.cpp:: When copying a TI file from one medium to another medium then the original case of the file name is preserved. This means that on a DSK or HD or CF7A image a file with a name AbCd can exist next to a file with a name abcd and/or ABCD. These are all different files. However for a Windows directory these are all the same file and/or directory names.

Ti99Dir version 8.3b Fixed: Doad.cpp: TiDir():: When reading a Linux directory via samba does not guarantee that the first thing to find is the \. directory and the \.. directory next. This test is skipped because it was already determined that we are entering a directory.

Ti99Dir version 8.3c
Fixed: Basic.cpp: MakeBasicLine():: Prevent writing outside the Basic Line buffer which corrupts te stack. This can happen with a corrupt file.
Fixed: convpcfile.cpp: fgetline():: When converting Unix/Linux text file then also set variable Byte to the same value as Char to prevent strange characters at the beginning of a new text line.

Ti99Dir version 8.3d
Fixed: confpcfile.cpp: ConvertPcFileToTiFile(): Prevent overwriting existing TI files in a PC directory (DSK and HDIMG was allready covered).

Ti99Dir version 8.3e
Fixed: hdimg.cpp::ReadDirFromHdImg(): Use the flag UsePrevDdrInfo properly after leaving an ARC and re-reading the HDIMG directory.

Ti99Dir main screen
An impression of the Ti99Dir main screen.

Ti99Dir viewer
Ti99Dir viewer window containing a basic program.

Character set
Ti99Dir viewer window containing a character definition file (CHARA1).

TiArtist picture
Ti99Dir viewer window containing a TiArtist picture.

MyArt picture
Ti99Dir viewer window containing aMyArt picture.

The latest version of Ti99Dir is build on Windows 10 as a 32 bit program and should still run on Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 (Not all tested by myself).

New features:

1) Browsing SCS, IDE, CF7A+ and DSK images on volume information block (VIB), directory descriptor record (DDR), file descriptor index record (FDIR) and file descriptor record (FDR) level. This demonstrates the inner layout of the storage media. See menu option Tools -> Show image VIB, DDR, FDIR, FDR.

2) Reading and writing compact flash cards (like Cf7a+ or IDE cards) can now also be used in Windows 98. To speed things up you better use an USB 2.0 port for this!

3) Extracting files from one or more selected ARC-files and/or DSK-images to a directory with the same TI-name as the original ARC-file or DSK-image.

4) Converting one or more ARC-file to DSK-image with the same TI-name as the original ARC-file.

5) Holding the Ctrl key and double-clicking or pressing enter or F3 the file list of the selected directory or (hard) disk image will be displayed in the oposite window.